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Flight from Bohol (TAG) to Taipei (TPE)

Flight from Bohol (TAG) to Taipei (TPE)

Taipei located in the northern tip of Taiwan. This capital city of Taiwan holds the largest population in the country with over 2.6 million people. The locals also called it as the Taipei City. This city serves as the hub of government, economic, cultural and education sector of Taiwan. Taipei is well-known for its architectures. The visitors will discover several cultural landmarks dating back to dynastic eras to the famous modern high rise buildings like Taipei 101 tower. Besides that, the night markets are another highlight attraction in Taipei. There are many night markets can be found in every corner of the streets.

Best time to fly from Tagbilaran Bohol to Taipei

The peak season in Taipei will start from May to September which is during the summer season and festive seasons. Whereas, the off-peak season happens during the winter season, from November to January and the Ghost Month. Summer season is always an ideal time to visit Taipei because the weather is sunny even though rainfall will happen at any time. The number of visitors also increases during the festive seasons such as Chinese New Year and Lantern Festival. It is because most of the visitors would like to experience the celebrations happening in this city. Once this city enters the winter season, this city gets lesser visitors. Besides that, a lot of Chinese visitors prefer not going to Taipei during the Ghost Month as it considers unlucky to travel at that period. Hence, the best time to visit Taipei is during the autumn season.

Main airport available in Tagbilaran Bohol and Taipei

Bohol-Panglao International Airport

Bohol-Panglao International Airport is the main airport serving for the city of Tagbilaran and other Bohol area. This airport focuses more on receiving domestic flights. Among the airlines that operate at this airport are Air Juan, AirSWIFT, Cebu Pacific, Cebu Pacific by Cebgo, Jeju Air, Philippine Airlines by PAL Express, Philippines AirAsia and Royale Air Way. For international visitors who want to visit Tagbilaran, they have to take a domestic flight from Mactan-Cebu International Airport to reach Bohol-Panglao International Airport. This airport is provided with an asphalt runway and four parking aircraft bays. The location of this airport to Tagbilaran City is about 20.3 kilometres.

Taoyuan International Airport (TPE)

Taoyuan International Airport is one of the international airports that serve for Taipei and northern area of Taiwan. It is recognized as the best size airport in the Asia-Pacific region. Besides that, it is the centre of Uni Air and LCC Tigerair Taiwan. This airport consists of two passenger terminals. This airport operates international and domestic flights, including Cebu Pacific, AirAsia, Air China, China Airlines, EVA Air, Jeju Air, Philippines Airlines and Scoot. It also manages for cargo airlines such as Cathay Pacific Cargo, EVA Air Cargo, FedEx Express and UPS Airlines. This airport is situated about 47.8 kilometres from the city centre. By taking a taxi, the fare will be around TWD 1200, which is about PHP 1999.23.

Climate pattern in Tagbilaran Bolon and Taipei

Tagbilaran has a tropical climate while Taipei has a humid subtropical climate. The average annual temperature in Taipei is 22 degrees Celsius. Throughout the year, Taipei faces hot and humid summers and the winters are short and dry. During the summer season, the weather is warm and humid. The rainfall also often happens in most of the days. As for the winter season, the visitors will not be able to visit outdoor attractions due to cold weather. Therefore, Taipei is a great place to visit during the autumn season because the weather is temperate and breezy.

Highlight attractions in Taipei

Taipei Zoo

Taipei Zoo is the largest zoo in Asia. The locals also called it as the Muzha Zoo. Back then, this zoo was a private zoological garden owned by a Japanese citizen. Then, it was taken over by the Taipei government in 1946. The area of this zoo is 165 hectares. However, the 90 hectares from it only open to the public. This zoo houses more than 400 animal species. The animals are divided into two sections. The indoor exhibits and the outdoor exhibits. The visitors can watch koalas, penguins, giant pandas, iguanas, giant tortoise and insects like butterflies and beetles at the indoor exhibits. As for the outdoor exhibits, the visitors will discover animals like birds, leopards, lions, bears, wild boars, kangaroos, deer, ducks, donkeys, monkeys and many more. Another attraction of this zoo is, it provides educational activities for kids.

Shifen Waterfall

Shifen Waterfall is the broadest waterfall in Taiwan. The width of this waterfall is 40 metres and the height is 20 metres. It was known as the Little Niagara of Taiwan. The name Shifen was taken from the ten families that originally developed this area. The waterfall flows in one direction and sometimes forms a rainbow during the sunny days. Shifen Waterfall is located nearby the Shifen Old Street. The journey from Old Street to the waterfall area takes about 20 minutes of walking. Once the visitors have arrived at the entrance of the fall area, the visitors have cross two bridges which will take another 15 minutes of walking to the waterfall scene. The visitors can see the up-close view of the stunning waterfall from the observation deck.

National Palace Museum

National Palace Museum is situated in Shilin District, Taipei. It keeps more than 600,000 ancient artefacts and artworks. All of the collections dating back from the Neolithic era to the present days. This museum has four levels and two display halls. The visitors will be mesmerized by amazing historical relics being displayed in this museum such as jade carvings like Jadeite Cabbage, ceramics, musical instruments, old books and documents as well as paintings and calligraphy. By looking at all of the collections, the visitors will learn more about the history and culture of Chinese.

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