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Flight from General Santos (GES) to Zamboanga (ZAM)

Flight from General Santos (GES) to Zamboanga (ZAM)

Zamboanga is one of the cities in western Mindanao, Philippines. It is located on the southwestern tip of the Zamboanga Peninsula, on Basilan Strait and sheltered by Basilan island. It is one of the busiest ports in the Philippines. Many local tribes live in this city, like Tausug, Samal and Yakan. The main export in this city are shells, fish products, wooden furniture and more. There are many landmarks that you can visit in this city, from historical forts to chilling waterfalls. Many tourists visited this city to relax and explore this city. There are many selections of delicious food around Zamboanga that you can try too. Zamboanga provides various accommodations, including Grand Astoria Hotel, Two Seasons Executive Suites, and Ever O Business Hotel. Throughout your trip to Zamboanga, you could not miss many attractions this city has to offer, including but not limited to Fort Pilar Museum, Pink Sand Beach, and Yakan Weaving Village. Travelling from General Santos to Zamboanga will take approximately more than 20 hours via connecting flight. However, the travel time may differ depending on the routes available.

When is the best time to fly from Flight from General Santos to Zamboanga?

The ideal time to visit Zamboanga is from January to April. If you want to avoid bad weather, you can visit Zamboanga from June to November. Heavy rainfall will make most outdoor attractions and activities unavailable. Hence, check the weather forecast and plan your trip on a hot sunny day. Avoid peak season as the rate for flight and accommodation will rise. However, it will not be an issue if you make an early reservation.

Zamboanga’s climate is tropical. The weather is a balance which is never too hot and not too cold. The temperatures in Zamboanga range from a mild 26.5°C to 35°C average during the year. Make sure you bring suitable attire to match the current weather.

Operating airlines available in Traveloka Lifestyle SuperApp including both domestic and international carriers. Such airlines include Philippine Airlines, Jetstar, Scoot, Singapore Airlines, Cebu Pacific, Qatar Airways, China Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, and many more. For further information in regards to travel safety during the pandemic can be referred to Traveloka’s travel requirements and guidelines during COVID-19.

What are the main airports available in General Santos to Zamboanga?

General Santos International Airport

General Santos International Airport is located Prk New Hondagua, Uhaw, Barangay Fatima. It is an international airport and also known as General Santos City Airport. It is also one of the main airports on the island of Mindanao. It has many facilities and is easily accessible by public transports. Since the Covid-19 outbreak, airport security has been tighter. Hence, you need to follow all the rules and regulations implemented in that airport. There are many operating airlines here, including Philippines Airlines, Cebu Pacific, and many more.

Zamboanga International Airport

Zamboanga International Airport is a domestic airport. It is the main airport in Zamboanga City. It is only located two kilometres from the city centre. It consists of one terminal only. It has many facilities and is easily accessible by public transports. Since the Covid-19 outbreak, airport security has been tighter. Hence, you need to follow all the rules and regulations implemented in that airport. There are many public transportations available in Zamboanga Airport for the visitors to use. The airport is the main gateway for travellers to Zamboanga City. There are many operating airlines here, like Cebu Pacific, Cebgo, Philippine Airlines by PAL categorical and Platinum Skies.

Places to stay in Zamboanga.

Grand Astoria Hotel - Grand Astoria Hotel is located in Mayor Jaldon St., Zamboanga, Zamboanga del Sur, Philippines, 7000. It is a three-star hotel equipped with laundry service, wedding service, 24-hour front desk, and free parking. There are many rooms available with packages that you can choose from. Each room is equipped with Wi-Fi and an air conditioner. It is also located near many landmarks in Zamboanga. It is situated only 1.6 kilometres from Zamboanga International Airport and only 854 meters from the Metropolitan Cathedral of Immaculate Conception. It also provides an airport shuttle with an extra surcharge.

Two Seasons Executive Suites - Two Seasons Executive Suites is located at Two Seasons Hotel, Veterans Avenue Ext. Tumaga Road, Zamboanga, Zamboanga del Sur, Philippines, 7000. It is a 3.5 stars hotel equipped with many facilities, including lunch restaurants, free parking, laundry service, wedding service and a 24-Hour Front Desk. It is easy to find as it is located in the centre of Zamboanga and only 551 meters from The Metropolitan Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception.

Ever O Business Hotel - Ever O Business Hotel is located in Tomas Claudio St. corner La Purisima St, Zamboanga, Zamboanga del Sur, Philippines, 7000. It is a three-star hotel equipped with laundry service, meeting facilities, a 24-hour front desk, and free parking. There are many rooms available with reasonable packages that will suit your budget. Each room is equipped with an air conditioner, free Wi-Fi and complimentary breakfast. It is also located near many landmarks in Zamboanga. It is only located 2.53 kilometres from Zamboanga International Airport and only 159 meters from Plaza Pershing.

Highlights in Zamboanga.

Fort Pilar Museum - Fort Pilar Museum is one of the historical landmarks in Zamboanga. The Spaniards built it in1635. It was destroyed during World War 2 and restored in the early 1980s by the National Museum. It displays 18th-century shipwreck artefacts, traditional musical instruments and more. It opens from Monday to Friday, 9 am until 4 pm.

Pink Sand Beach - Have you ever wonder how the beach looks if the sands are pink? If you are curious, then you can visit the Pink Sand Beach on Santa Cruz Island. It is one of the popular attractions in Zamboanga. The beach is pink because of the crushed red corals (Tubipora musica) that blend well with the sand. Hence, it made the beach looks pink, especially in broad daylight. There are many activities that you can do in Pink Sand Beach. There are many nesting grounds for sea turtles on this island too.

Yakan Weaving Village - Yakan Weaving Village is located 7 kilometres away from the centre of Zamboanga. You can learn to make the traditional textile from the Yakan tribes in this village. They are one of the indigenous tribes in the Philippines. The textiles are beautiful, and you can buy them as souvenirs too. The entrance fee is free. It is also located near other attractions like Paseo del Mar and Mount Pulong Bato.

Travel tips to Zamboanga.

To have the best experience while travelling, you need to plan your trip well. However, sometimes things are not happening according to plan. Hence, it would be best if you thought of a backup plan. There are many tips that you can follow while travelling.

Bring extra snacks and drinks

When you are travelling, make sure you pack extra snacks and drinks. It will help you feel hungry, especially when travelling in a remote area or waiting for your next flight. It will provide you with energy so you won't feel tired easily, especially when you have low blood pressure. Besides that, packing extra snacks will help you fulfil your hunger in the middle of the night.

Avoid taxis

Taxis might be one of the most accessible transportation that can carry you to the designated destination. However, the fare can be too expensive. To save your budget, you can try public transportation like bus or train. If you still want to travel by car, you can choose e hailing service as the rates are fixed without any hidden or extra charges.

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Booking might be hard on certain online travel agency platforms, but Traveloka has its ways of making it easy for customers to book their flights.

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