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Roxas City

Cheap flights to Roxas City (RXS)

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Price from

Manila (MNL) → Roxas City (RXS)
Saturday, 06 Jan 2024
₱ 1,056.69
Cebu (CEB) → Roxas City (RXS)
Philippine Airlines
Tuesday, 12 Dec 2023
₱ 4,026.98
Puerto Princesa - Palawan (PPS) → Roxas City (RXS)
Cebu Pacific
Saturday, 09 Dec 2023
₱ 5,215.47
Butuan (BXU) → Roxas City (RXS)
Philippine Airlines
Saturday, 30 Dec 2023
₱ 6,482.45
Kalibo - Boracay (KLO) → Roxas City (RXS)
Thursday, 21 Dec 2023
₱ 6,648.71
Davao (DVO) → Roxas City (RXS)
Cebu Pacific
Saturday, 23 Dec 2023
₱ 7,676.60
General Santos (GES) → Roxas City (RXS)
Cebu Pacific
Thursday, 28 Dec 2023
₱ 8,540.16
Tacloban (TAC) → Roxas City (RXS)
Philippine Airlines
Thursday, 14 Dec 2023
₱ 8,575.39
Clark - Pampanga (CRK) → Roxas City (RXS)
Cebu Pacific
Friday, 15 Dec 2023
₱ 8,653.14
Dumaguete (DGT) → Roxas City (RXS)
Cebu Pacific
Thursday, 07 Dec 2023
₱ 8,809.34

Flights to Roxas City, Capiz

Roxas City is a city located in the Province of Capiz in the Philippines. The city used to be known as the Municipality of Capiz and in May 1951, it was renamed to honour the fourth President of the Philippines, Manual Acuna Roxas. Roxas City has an area of 95 kilometers squared with a population of approximately 170 thousand people. It is dubbed as the ‘Seafood Capital of the Philippines’ with its abundance of marine life. The city is also one of the cleanest and greenest cities in the country.

Airport in Roxas City, Capiz

1. Roxas Airport

This is the airport that serves Roxas City and some part of the province of Capiz. It is located just ten kilometers away from the city centre. This small airport has only one runaway. In 2014, it had handled around 230 thousand passengers. Roxas Airport does not only handle passengers’ flights but also cargo flights. There are only two airlines that provide services to the Roxas Airport, the Cebu Pacific and the Philippine Airlines. Both of these airlines only have one destination, going to and from Manila city. There are several ways of transportations available at the airport to get to the city such as tricycles, which is uniquely the Philippines.

How to Get Cheap Tickets to Roxas City, Capiz

Travelling can be expensive, especially the ones that require flight tickets. However, there are plenty of great deals on inexpensive flight tickets, if one knows where to look for. The easiest way to get these cheap flight tickets is by using Traveloka, a search engine that focuses on hotels, accommodations and flight tickets for destinations all over the world. Traveloka is accessible either by using an internet browser or download its mobile application. It is easy to use as it has a very friendly user interface. Just key in the related keywords into the search bar, set the dates and prices parameter before click search. In seconds, the website or its mobile application will show the best deals available to go to the preferred destination. Still not satisfied with the price of those deals? Use their price alert feature, available on both platform, to notify the users when the price has dropped into the desired range.

When is the Best Time to Fly to Roxas City, Capiz

Just like most places in the Philippines, Roxas City is great and suitable for a visit all year round. The city does not vary much in terms of temperature and weather throughout the year. Most of the days, Roxas City will see plenty of sun and humidity with the average temperature being around 30°C. The best time to get to Roxas City is from March to April. These two months, the temperature is slightly cooler, still with plenty of suns. The chances for rain are minimal. The perfect weather means that visitors can visit everything and do plenty of activities offered by the city. However, crowds are more prominent and the accommodations can be on the expensive side. Starting November until January, crowds are a lot smaller as the city sees more rain.

What are 3 Things to Do in Roxas City, Capiz

1. Baybay Beach – this is a long stretch of beach in Roxas City with dark sands. It is just a few minutes away from the city centre. Baybay Beach is a popular destination with locals and tourists alike. It is great for a light stroll or sit back and relax after a good swim in the waters.
2. Indulge in Seafood – This is something to be missed when visiting Roxas City, Capiz. The city offers the best, freshest and mouth-watering variety of seafood. There are shellfishes, prawns and crabs among others. There are plenty of restaurants all over the Roxas City and among the best ones are located near Baybay Beach.
3. City Tour – The city centre of Roxas has great things to be explored. The main buildings in the city centre hold plenty of history and great stories about them such as the Metropolitan Cathedral which is one of the oldest churches in the Philippines. There is also the Panublion, a small museum that used to be a water tank.

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