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Flight from Cebu (CEB) to Bohol (TAG)

Flight from Cebu (CEB) to Bohol (TAG)

Bohol is a province of the Philippines, in the country’s Central Visayas region. It boasts breathtaking sights, old and historic churches, white sandy beaches, world-class beach resorts, diverse underwater treasures and marine life, and other man-made and natural wonders. In the center of the island, the tourists will find the epicenter of nature fun with ziplining, waterfall climbing, cave exploring, and river cruising. It takes around 1 hour of flying time to travel from Cebu to Bohol. This will differ based on the airlines and routes taken as well. Considering Traveloka offers various airline options such as Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific, AirAsia, Emirates, and more, you have plenty to choose from. Some of the best attractions there are in Bohol such as Sipatan Twin Hanging Bridge, Chocolate Hills, and Habitat Butterflies Conservation Center.

When is the best time to fly from Cebu to Bohol?

Bohol is generally warm throughout the year, but there is a certain period of the year that is good enough to do both outdoor and/or indoor activities. The usual period where Bohol is open for visiting is from late January to late April. This will be the optimum period to go on a holiday here in Bohol. The temperature will usually vary from 23°C to 33°C and is rarely below 21°C or above 35°C. Maybe to get the best time where you are not at the peak of the holiday season in Bohol, you can plan a travel to Bohol close to the end of January or April, just before the holiday peak starts.

Operating airlines available in Traveloka Lifestyle SuperApp including both domestic and international carriers. Such airlines include Philippine Airlines, Jetstar, Scoot, Singapore Airlines, Cebu Pacific, Qatar Airways, China Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, and many more. For further information in regards to travel safety during the pandemic can be referred to Traveloka’s travel requirements and guidelines during COVID-19.

What are the main airports available in Bohol?

Tagbilaran Airport (TAG)

Tagbilaran Airport is the main airport operating in Bohol. It is 55 km away from Bohol. The trip via car or any public land transportation will take around 1 hour 15 minutes from the airport to the main city. The traveling time will only differ depending on the traffic condition at the time of the travel. Some of the airport facilities you can find at the Tagbilaran Airport include check-in facilities, free wi-fi, duty-free outlets, restaurants, ATMs, baggage storage, and a lost & found center.

Highlights in Bohol.

Sipatan Twin Hanging Bridge - Located in Sevilla, Bohol, Sipatan Twin Hanging Bridge is a well-known hanging bridge made of woven bamboo straps and stretches over a gently flowing river. It is safe and a unique way to get a whole perspective of the Loboc River. As for its structural integrity, the bridge has a set of cables that ensure its stability. It will be a great loss to miss a visit to Sipatan Twin Hanging Bridge. Sipatan Twin Hanging Bridge is 37 km away from Bohol and 33 km from the main airport. It will take roughly 55 minutes to drive from Bohol to the Sipatan Twin Hanging Bridge and around 50 minutes from the airport. Sipatan Twin Hanging Bridge opens all day to visit with an entrance fee of PHP35.

Chocolate Hills - Chocolate Hills is a place where hundreds of symmetrical green mountainous hills as far as the eye can see are laid. As they are lush and green during the rainy season, they will turn to milk-chocolate color during the dry season which makes it the Chocolate Hills. The visitors can enjoy winding roads with natural and cultural sights along the way. It will be a great loss to miss a visit to Chocolate Hills. Chocolate Hills is 1 km away from Bohol and 56 km from the main airport. It will take roughly 2 minutes to drive from Bohol to the Chocolate Hills and around 1 hour 20 minutes from the airport. Chocolate Hills opens all day to visit with no entrance fee.

Habitat Butterflies Conservation Center - Habitat Butterflies Conservation Center houses a dense collection of natural beauty including butterflies, spiders, centipedes, caterpillars, birds, and flowers. It also offers a walk with a guide who will point out fauna indigenous to the island. It will be a great loss to miss a visit to Habitat Butterflies Conservation Center. Habitat Butterflies Conservation Center is 26 km away from Bohol and 42 km from the main airport. It will take roughly 35 minutes to drive from Bohol to the Habitat Butterflies Conservation Center and around 1 hour 5 minutes from the airport. Habitat Butterflies Conservation Center opens daily from 7.30 am to 5.00 pm to visit with an entrance fee of PHP50.

Travel tips to Bohol.

Travel Insurance

Be it whether you are traveling domestic or international, it is important to gear yourself up with travel insurance. This is pretty much self-explanatory because you will never expect what could happen when you are abroad. Even if you are traveling domestically, should things go out of your control such as accidents or sickness, you will have the leverage of insurance coverage.

Be Flexible with Your Travel Plans

Planning is a good way to go traveling, be it domestically or internationally, but don’t disregard the fact that things can and most likely would not go as planned. This could either be due to suddenly the activity you want to do being unavailable or if more logistical issues force you to think of other ways to do things. Keep in mind that planning is a good base, but when you are traveling and there are a lot of external factors involved, it will be a different kind of adventure.

Learn Few Local Words to Blend In

This will come in handy when you are traveling to a place where English is not their first, second, or only language at all. It is best to learn some local words that can help you through the trip, especially in terms of direction, transportation, medical, and such. Plus, it will open a ton of network opportunities with the locals to be able to be among them. You will be able to make friends and discover some hidden gems you never thought you would find.

How to Book with Traveloka Lifestyle SuperApp

Traveloka Lifestyle SuperApp is the leading lifestyle SuperApp in Southeast Asia with over 100,000 flight routes offered and more than 100,000 hotels across the map. Traveloka gives you the best of both services, right from your fingertips. Traveloka Lifestyle SuperApp gives you the convenience you need when you are doing your flight search and flight booking. We always keep our user experience in mind when we build the mobile application system to ensure every user has a great experience using it.

Booking might be hard on certain online travel agency platforms, but Traveloka has its ways of making it easy for customers to book their flights.

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From either the mobile app or the desktop, you will be able to easily search for your flights by filtering the necessary information such as travel date, trip type for either one-way or return, etc.

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You will be given information about the airline name, flight schedule, and ticket price once you arrived at the flight search results page. You can further refine your searches based on the filters you set.

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If you already have an account with Traveloka, you will be able to fill in your details in advance, thus when it is time to fill in your contact information and passenger details, you can just click on the information.

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