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Popular hotels near Kelantan Sleeping Buddha Temple

MN Bajet Homestay

Lot 1211, Jalan Pantai Cahaya Bulan, Kota Bharu, Malaysia, 15350

Pulau Sri Tanjung Resort

Kampung Teluk Renjuna, Tumpat, Malaysia, 16250

Muaz Homestay

PT 3242, Jalan Parit Kubu, Pasir Pekan, Kota Bharu, Malaysia, 16250

Morak Villa Resort

PT 863, Kampung Bendang Ketom, Tumpat, Malaysia, 16040

Mentary Stay 3 Townhouse Pasir Mas

Lot 557, Kawasan Bandar, Lorong Telekom, Kampung Padang To'la, Pasir Mas, Malaysia, 17300

Grand Riverview Hotel

Jalan Post Office Lama, Kota Bharu, Malaysia, 15000

8.5 / 10

Very Good

Destiny Riverside Hotel

Lot A-01-07, Lot A-01-09 Jalan Pasar Lama, Seksyen 9, Kota Bharu, Malaysia, 15000

7.8 / 10


Ridel Hotel

Lot A-05-01 Blok A, Pelangi Mall, Jalan Pasar Lama, Seksyen 9,, Kota Bharu, Malaysia, 15000

7.6 / 10


Dynasty Apartment 3A @ Pelangi Mall Apartment

Pelangi Mall Condo, Banda Kota Bahru, Kota Bharu, Malaysia, 15000

G Home Hotel

A-01-05, Pelangi Mall, Jalan Post Office Lama, Kota Bharu, Malaysia, 15000

8.7 / 10

Very Good

Shas Guest House (Pelangi Mall Condominium)

A-14-16, Tingkat 14, Blok A, Kondo Pelangi Mall, Jalan Post Office Lama, Kota Bharu, Malaysia, 15000

One Station Boutique Hotel

PT 398,399, Jalan JBT Sultan Yahya, KB Waterfront, Seksyen17, Kota Bharu, Malaysia, 15050

Nur Muslim 3 Homestay @ Lorong Surau Kota

Lot 1532, Lorong Surau Kota 2, Kampung Kota, Jalan Pintu Geng, Kota Bharu, Malaysia, 15100

Nur Muslim 2 Homestay @ Lorong Surau Kota

Lower Floor, Lot 1532, Lorong Surau Kota 2, Kampung Kota, Jalan Pintu Geng, Kota Bharu, Malaysia, 15100

Nur Muslim 1 Homestay @ Lorong Surau Kota

Lot 1531, Lorong Surau Kota 2, Kampung Kota, Jalan Pintu Geng, Kota Bharu, Malaysia, 15100

Crystal Lodge Kota Bharu

No. 124, Jalan Che Su, Kota Bharu, Malaysia, 15000

Crystal Lodge Kota Bharu

No. 124, Jalan Che Su, Kota Bharu, Malaysia, 15000

8.6 / 10

Very Good

Dynasty Inn

2865-D & E Jalan Sultanah Zainab, Kota Bharu, Malaysia, 15050

8.0 / 10

Very Good

Staycity @ Khalifa Suites

Khalifa Suite Hotel & Apartment, Seksyen 7, Hadapan Masjid Muhammadi Jalan Sultanah Zainab, Kota Bharu, Malaysia, 15000

Khalifa Suites Hotel & Apartment

Seksyen 7, Hadapan Masjid Muhammadi, Jalan Sultanah Zainab, Kota Bharu, Malaysia, 15000

8.3 / 10

Very Good


Wat Phothivihan is a Buddhist temple located in Tumpat District, Kelantan. It is situated approximately 15 km west of Kota Bharu city. Houses a statue of a sleeping Buddha, this temple was built in 1979 and is famous for its Reclining Buddha statue. Span at a length of 40 meters, this statue is the longest of its kind in Malaysia. With simple craftmanship, the Buddha statue is housed in a hanger surrounded by murals and smaller sitting statues. Underneath, there is a vault with recesses to store urns containing the ashes of the departed.

There are accommodation for monks and visitors at the compund of the temple. The compound also houses various other attractive statues and buildings. An intricate Wheel of Dharma which has deep symbolic significance in Buddhism sits in front of the sleeping statue. Apart from that, there is also a Chinese Pavilion and a Tibetan style hall featuring a statue of the Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara to be treasured.

From Kota Bharu, you may drive on your own or take a taxi to go to the temple. Take route 134 to Chabang Empat. Drive about 10 km. Then turn left on route D23 for a further 5km. The temple is between Kampung Ana and Kampung Berok. The entrance to the temple is free. However, visitors are encouraged to donate to fund the up keeps of the temple.

Tourist Attractions

Siti Khadijah Market

As this market is majority run by local women due to their high interest in business, Siti Khadijah Market is named after Prophet Muhammad's wife, whom is known for her entrepreneurial skill. A local wet market located at the pulse Kota Bharu city, the architecture of this building is simple yet awesome with 4 floors and octagonal shape. The ground floor is where all kind of groceries goods are being sold. On the first floor, there are a variety type of food, be it dry food or some other local signature delicacies such as nasi kerabu, laksa Kelantan and ayam percik. The upper floors sell various choice of batik, songket, fabrics, prayer cloth, blouse and many more.

Bank Kerapu War Museum

The building was the first stone structure built in Kelantan, and during WWII and was the headquarters of the Kempai Tai, Japan’s feared secret police. Located across the Merdeka Square, this war museum displays mainly old photography, rusty guns and other militaria. Bank Kerapu is opened from Saturday to Thursday from 8.30 am until 4.45 pm.

Jahar Palace

Built in 1887, Jahar Palace offers visitors a peek into life at the northern Kelantan state. The museum complex consists of a beautiful chocolate-brown building with attractive interior descriptions of luxurious batik-weaving and woodcraving. It is located within the cultural zone and is easily accessible from Jalan Hilir Kota and Jalan Sultan. Visitors will get to treasure the uniqueness of artifacts and traditional handicrafts that are reflection of Kelantan heritage.


Grand Riverview Hotel

This luxurious hotel offers a comfortable and convenient stay with superb business and leisure facilities at the pulse Kota Bharu city. With the most impressive views in the city, all rooms are designed with the sophistication of modern interiors with warmth of fine wood finishing and extensive work area. There are also limousine and shuttle van service to/from the airport and within the town area.

Ridel Hotel

A two star hotel that provides affordable accomodation at the edge of panoramic Kelantan River, Ridel Hotel offers comfortable rooms equipped with excellent service and facilities within a close proximity with shopping areas, business premises and cultural attractions. There is also a diner that serves tantalizing meals featuring sumptuous buffet breakfast as well as themed and extensive ala- carte menu. Click here to get the best room rate at Ridel Hotel.