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Hotels near Kuala Penyu Branch Library

Interior Division, Malaysia · 3 hotels available

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Popular hotels near Kuala Penyu Branch Library

null Nagapuri Beach Retreat

Nagapuri Beach Retreat

No.1, Jalan Bukit Naga, Kampung Tempurung, Kuala Penyu, Bahagian Pedalaman, Sabah, Malaysia, 89740

null Bukit Naga Aman Puri Beach Retreat

Bukit Naga Aman Puri Beach Retreat

1 Jalan Bukit Naga, Kg. Tempurong, Kuala Penyu, Kuala Penyu, Bahagian Pedalaman, Sabah, Malaysia, 89747

null Monkey Tops River Lodge

Monkey Tops River Lodge

Kampung Klias, KM20, Jalan Beaufort - Menumbok, Keningau, Kuala Penyu, Bahagian Pedalaman, Sabah, Malaysia, 89800


The Kuala Penyu Branch Library is situated in Kuala Penyu district that has been built to inculcate a reading habit among residents in Sabah’s south-western district of Kuala Penyu with the construction of RM2.8 million. The history of the library began with the opening at Balai Raya Pekan Kuala Penyu wood building in 1965. At that time the service was only partially open and in 1979, the library was opened three times a week to the public on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

In 1980, the library moved to Kuala Penyu District Office's New Secretariat Building. Finally, the Kuala Penyu Branch Library has its own building in 2014 and opened to the public on July 31, 2014, with a collection of 41,481 copies of books. In addition to lending books and reference services, this library also provides free online internet service to library members in accordance with the vision of the department towards the knowledgeable community and reading culture mission among the community.

How to Get There

By Plane

You may take flight from any other airport to Kota Kinabalu International Airport. There are non-stop flights to Kota Kinabalu provided by Malaysia Airlines, Air Asia and Malindo Air. From the airport, you may take a taxi to Kuala Penyu Branch Library where it takes 1 hour 52 minutes’ drive from the airport.

By Bus/Taxi

From Kota Kinabalu City you can take Borneo Express bus at City Park Terminal to Kuala Penyu. Once in Kuala Penyu you can take taxi, uber or grab to Kuala Penyu Branch Library where the distance is only 12 km.

Tourist Attractions

Monkey Top Safari

The Monkey Top Safari is enriched with vegetation and wildlife such as the Proboscis Monkeys, Long Tail Macaques, crocodiles, fireflies and many species of birds. It also has a 30-foot observation tower that enables visitors to enjoy the sights of the tropical wetland and its rich wildlife across the river banks. There is a complex that has a 500- feet boardwalk with Nipah Atap roofing and a river jetty providing a comfortable river cruise.

Batu Luang Beach

Batu Luang is surrounded by mossy green rocks, sea, pebbles, rusty-red rock face, and caves. Due to its strategic location, Batu Luang Beach is a good place to view the splendid sunset. The area of the beach itself is unique in its own way. When it is on the low tide, you can easily see the rock of ‘Batu Punggul’ and they are all surrounded by tiny beach rocks concealed with green algae.

Tamu Kuala Penyu

Tamu Kuala Penyu is one of the popular local market in Kuala Penyu. You can experience the daily interactions and lifestyles lead by the local people in the small market. The town of Kuala Penyu comes alive each Tuesday as traders and members of the community gather at the daily Tamu (market). From leafy greens to delicious local cakes, vendors proudly display their goods, attractive passers-by with bargains.

Rumbia Information Center

The Rumbia Information Centre will definitely provide you with plenty information on rumbia or known as sago plant, which is a plant species under the Palmae family. The locals used the leave as roofing materials and the branches for making their house's walls. Floor mats, baskets of various sizes and shape are some of the examples of things made entirely from various parts of the plant. The exhibition hall is the first highlight of the Center. Besides reading information about Sago, you also can see a variety of handmade handicrafts made of Sago leaves, bark and stem.


Tiara Labuan Hotel

Tiara Labuan Hotel is a 4-star hotel is a perfect choice when you are visiting Kuala Penyu Branch Library. This hotel offers spacious comfortable accommodation, ranging from deluxe timber chalets and 1 to 3-bedroom apartment suites to 3 to 5-bedroom villas.

Summer Beach Lodge

Staying at Summer Beach Lodge is a good choice for your trip to Kuala Penyu Branch Library. This 2-star hotel offers guests an enjoyable stay with a quiet and beautiful view surrounding of the hotel. Staying at Summer Beach Lodge will give you a great hospitality and affordable price.

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