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Previously Port Klang was known as Port Swettenham however it was renamed in July 1972. The port is around 6 kilometres from the Klang town. Port Klang falls under the state of Selangor and the district of Klang. This is the main gateway into Malaysia by sea. This port has 3 distinct ports which are South Port, North Port as well as the Westport. Westport was only recently developed. This port also acts as the port for Klang Valley which is the most developed region and also where the capital country Kuala Lumpur is located. It is only 38 kilometres away. Port Klang has a connection with over 120 countries and deals with more than 500 ports around the world.

Port Klang now is a place that is often visited by travellers. There is a ferry that may bring passengers to Dumai and also Tanjung Balai Asahan which is in Sumatera, Indonesia. There is a local authority that looks after the port. They are The Port Klang Authority (PKA). Hokkien is widely used here in Port Klang. This may be due to the fact that the residents here are mostly Chinese. However, they are still able to communicate using Bahasa Melayu and also English.

How to Get There

By Car

Port Klang is very near to Kuala Lumpur. There is a main highway that connects the two cities. Port Klang is on the western end of the Federal Highway. Visitors may take the Kesas Highway and head towards Pulau Indah Expressway. This will lead to Westport. However, by taking Shah Alam Expressway it will lead to the North Port.

By Train

The KTM Komuter has a station right in Port Klang. This route connects Batu Cave, Subang Jaya, Shah Alam and also Tanjung Malim. There is a train that makes the trip every 15 minutes and once every 20 minutes during off-peak hours.

By Bus

This might be the least favourable option to take should one wishes to go to Port Klang. This is due to the fact that the bus and taxi terminal is 1 kilometre inland from the port area. However, there are two bus companies that make the trip there. They are Transnasional and also Cityliner. There is a bus every half hour.

By Boat

Since there is a ferry that links Sumatera and also Indonesia, visitors may access Port Klang from Tanjung Balai as well as Dumai. There are no domestic trips except to a nearby Pulau Ketam. The companies that make these trips are Indomal Express or Malaysia Express and also MV Pelita Jaya Express.

Tourist Attractions

Pulau Ketam

This is a village nearby Port Klang. This village is accessible via ferry at the ferry terminal in Port Klang. This is a village in a mangrove-covered island. Many come to this village as the whole village is built on stilts. Another reason why this place is often visited is for their abundance of seafood and restaurants that prepare them. Daily there are 15 ferries that make a trip there. It cost around RM7 per way. The trip takes around 45 minutes.


Premiere Hotel

This hotel is located strategically to the public facilities in the area. The hotel has a fitness centre that can be used by their guests. Besides that, they also have a pool and a spa to make their guests’ stay more comfortable. Another service provided is the 24-hour front desk that will be able to assist their guests anytime. Wifi is also available here for use. This hotel guarantees great comfort and also excellent services during the stay.