Hotels in Bohor

Langkawi, Malaysia · 13 hotels available

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Popular hotels in Bohor

Nabila Homestay 3

Jalan Kampung Yooi, Berdekatan Airport Langkawi,, Langkawi, Malaysia, 07000

D'Island Hill Villa

Lot PT 657, Kampung Bukit Tangga, Bohor , Langkawi, Malaysia, 07000

Pemandangan Indah Guest House

Jalan Padang Matsirat, Langkawi, Malaysia, 07000

8.9 / 10

Very Good

Dee Village Langkawi Homestay

No. 79A, Kampung Bukit Kemboja, Mukim Bohor, Langkawi, Malaysia, 07000

Padimas Village Inn Langkawi

Lot 71, Kg. Kubang Badak, Jalan Teluk Yu, Langkawi, Malaysia, 07000

Sri Bayu Inn Langkawi

Jalan Teluk Yu, Mukim Air Hangat, Langkawi, Malaysia, 07000

Dee Village Langkawi Chalet

No. 79, Kampung Bukit Kemboja, Mukim Bohor, Langkawi, Malaysia, 07000

Nabila Homestay 2

Jalan Kampung Yooi, Berdekatan Airport Langkawi,, Langkawi, Malaysia, 07000

Langkawi Gerek Tua

Kg Bohor Chempedak, Jalan Kuerters Airport, Langkawi, Malaysia, 07000

Nabila Homestay 1

Jalan Kampung Yooi, Berdekatan Airport Langkawi,, Langkawi, Malaysia, 07000

Nabila Homestay 4

Jalan Kampung Yooi, Berdekatan Airport Langkawi,, Langkawi, Malaysia, 07000

D'Villa Island Hill Langkawi

Lot PT 657, Kampung Bukit Tangga, Langkawi, Malaysia, 07000

Teratak Sireh Lagenda

LOT 1773, JALAN BOHOR CEMPEDAK, MUKIM BOHOR,, Langkawi, Malaysia, 07000



Bohor is a small sub-district in the island of Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia. It is the smallest sub-district in Langkawi and the only sub-district that does not have a beach area. The name Bohor refers to a Malay word ‘bohor’ that means high ground surrounded by water areas. There is also a suggestion indicates that the word ‘bohor’ may also means a tree.

How to Get There

There are flights to Langkawi provided by Malaysia Airlines and Air Asia. From the airport, guests may hail a taxi to reach Bohor.

There are also ferries from four routes coming to Langkawi which are from Kuala Kedah, Kuala Perlis, Penang and Satun in Thailand.

Other public transport available in getting around Bohor are the rental vehicle and taxis. Taxis carry passengers towards the destination requested.

Tourist Attractions

People coming to Bohor usually pay a visit to the Langkawi Craft Complex located in Teluk Yu. Langkawi Craft Complex offers two museums, namely Heritage Museum and Museum Customs of Weddings. These museums showcase the customary weddings of major races in Malaysia and display items such as kris.

Bohor is also famous for its buffalo cattle breeding industry. For more information, guests may visit the Langkawi Buffalo Park. Langkawi Buffalo Park is a 20 hectare park with over 100 well-kept Murrah and Swap buffaloes. Have a go at buffalo-riding or even milk one of the buffaloes. The park also packaged buffalo milk as fresh milk, flavoured milk and ice cream.

While staying in Langkawi Island, there is just so much interesting activities to be enjoyed. Apart from visiting Bohor, guests are entitled to meet the skies either by taking the 20 minutes journey of Langkawi Cable Car Ride or having a stroll on the longest suspension bridge named Langkawi Sky Bridge.

Shopping trip in Langkawi Island is full of excitement as there are many duty free shops selling almost everything. Among favourite shopping destination includes Jetty Point Duty Free Complex, Langkawi Fair Shopping Mall, Saga Shopping Centre, Cote De Parfume, 16 Degree Wine Shop and Zeno Duty Free Shopping Center. Guests surely will find great bargains for imported chocolates, cigarettes, perfumes, cookwares and liquors.

Langkawi Island is also famous for its conservation of the marine life initiatives. It is very educational to visit and be mesmerized with the underwater life. Guests may head to Pulau Payar Marine Park for snorkelling or diving time or the Underwater World Langkawi and witness the many underwater creatures inside the aquariums.

Another interesting place to visit is the Laman Padi Rice Garden. It is a museum constructed in the form of rice fields to introduce the beginning of rice agriculture in Langkawi Island. A good example of the state of Kedah also known as Negeri Jelapang Padi or the ‘State of Paddy Fields’.

Local famous delicacies of Kedah that can be found across towns in Langkawi includes Laksa, a savoury thick rice noodle dish served with spicy fish broth topped with mint leaves, shredded onions, cucumbers, boiled egg and pineapple. The fish used for the broth sometimes are replaced with eels instead.


Lavigo Resort

A great hotel situated in Bohor. A simple hotel with decent facilities.

Senyum Inn

Senyum Inn has a very good location. It offers splendid service together with wide range of facilities provided.

Century Helang Hotel

One of the most common preferred hotel situated in Bohor. This hotel is likable by many tourist travelling solo, accompanied with friends or family.

Century Langkasuka Resort

For family vacation or leisure, this place provides a satisfactory comfort during your stay in Bohor.

Berjaya Langkawi Resort

This hotel is a perfect choice for people seeking a luxurious treat for holiday. Get the most excellent services and make your stay a memorable experience.