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Luxury Hotels in Bohor, Langkawi


Bohor is located on the island of Langkawi. It is in the state of Kedah, Malaysia. It is one of the subdivisions of the district of Langkawi. It is actually the smallest subdivision among the six subdivisions in Langkawi Island. Even though Bohor is located on the Island of Langkawi it is in fact the area that does not have any beach area on the district. It is more centralized than other subdivision hence its non-accessibility to any beaches. Bohor is only 36 square kilometers. This town also has the least number of citizens. Until 2005, it has searched to have only 8024 citizens.

Bohor means a highland that is surrounded by watered area or a valley like a village or land where the surroundings are paddy fields or swamps. The height of Bohor is not as high as a hill however it is very suitable to be made into an area for residence.

The main occupations of the people there are harvesting rice, rubber tappers, government staff, business, contractors as well as farmers. Bohor subdivision is based on agriculture such as paddy, rubber, coconut as well as farming livestocks.

Bohor is still an area in the state of Kedah. Hence making it part of the northern area of Malaysia. Malaysia will always have Bahasa Melayu as their main form of communication however the northern area of Malaysia would have a certain dialect to the language. However they also communicate in English seeing Malaysia is a multicultural country. Moreover tourists from all over the world are making English a more widely spoken language.

How to Get There

By Plane

One can take a local flight such as Air Asia or Malaysia Airlines and Firefly and fly directly into the island of Langkawi. There will be plenty of taxis waiting outside the airport to get the visitors to their hotels.

By Car

One can drive their own car into the Island of Langkawi. However there is certain fee that needs to be paid if they wish to bring their own car. Registration and documentation needs to be done prior to their visit to the island. This is suitable for those who have a bigger family. Then their car will be transported to the island using a ferry. Once reached, they may use their car to get to any part of the island.

By Ferry

This is a common transportation used by many who comes to Langkawi. From Kuala Perlis, there will be a jetty that constantly makes a trip to the island. The fares are rather cheap and the journey to the island takes roughly 1 hour. There is a choice of a big ferry or a smaller and faster ferry. This will vary on the price paid. Usually the smaller ferry will be air conditioned and takes a shorter time to reach the island.

Tourist Attractions

Handicraft Centre Langkawi

This is a handicraft centre that was built in 1996 to ease visitors to get their hands on Malaysian handicrafts. The main purpose of this place is to create space for the local businessmen to sell their handicrafts to all visitors either from inside or the outside of the country. Besides that, they also have a museum and education area to educate visitors more on the history and the origin of the handicrafts as well as the usage. Every year there are many promotions created to attract visitors to come and purchase the handicrafts. This center is 21 kilometers from the Kuah City and 24 kilometres from the Langkawi International Airport.

Buffalo Park

Buffalo Park is a place initiated by the Jabatan Perkhidmatan Haiwan (JPH) that aims to make the centre as a breeding ground, increase economic activities by selling buffalo products and also as a tourist attraction. Here visitors may see several types of buffalo breeds and also try out several type of food made of buffalo milk such as ice cream and also cheese.