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Best hotels in Hulu Perak

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Hulu Perak
3 properties found
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Highest popularity

Homestay Gerik Banding

Gerik, Hulu Perak
Price around
RM 208.95
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Belum Rainforest Resort

Hulu Perak, Perak
Azhari Ismail
What a tremendous experience and the Tasik Banding view is very spectacular.
Price around
RM 481.77
See Availability

OYO 89845 Hotel Sri Bintang

Gerik, Hulu Perak
Price around
RM 92.26
See Availability
Hulu Perak is located in the state of Perak and at the border of Thailand. It is very close to nature and is not disturbed by the modernization yet. The main attraction in Hulu Perak would be the Belum Forest Reserve. It is an untouched forest reserve with many floras that are still unexplored and undisturbed by humans. End your day at some of the best Hulu Perak hotels that can be found here.

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The history of Hulu Perak goes all the way back in 1511 when the Malacca Sultanate falls to the hands of the Portuguese. Sultan Mahmud Shah retreated and set up his government in Bentan. However the Portuguese attacked his establishment again in 1525. This has caused the Sultan to retreat again and this time to Kampar and set up his establishment there.

Hulu Perak is located in the northeast of the state of Perak. East of state Perak is the state of Kelantan. The north part of Hulu Perak on the other hand is Baling, Kedah. While on the south of Hulu Perak is the district of Kuala Kangsar. Thailand is on the border of Hulu Perak on the east sea. It is one of the entrances between Malaysia and Thailand. The southwest of this area is the district of Larut, Matang and Selama.

Hulu Perak is one of the 9 districts of Perak. It is then broken down to Lenggong, Gerik and Pengkalan Hulu. The distant between Hulu Perak and Ipoh, the capital of Perak is around 129 kilometer.

How to Get There

By Plane

There is no flight that lands in Hulu Perak. Ipoh used to have a domestic airport called Sultan Azlan Shah Airport. Unfortunately this airport is no longer in use due to its location in the residential area. It has yet to have any news if it will be reopen.

By Car

The East-West Highway was built in 1982 to ease the traffic. It is the federal highway built by Jabatan Kerja Raya to shorten the driving time from Kota Bharu, Kelantan and the northern state of Malaysia such as Alor Star, Kedah as well as Penang. From the city of Ipoh to Hulu Perak takes around 1 hour and 40 minutes’ drive.

Tourist Attractions

The main attraction in Hulu Perak would be the Belum Forest Reserve. It is an area of virgin jungle in northern Peninsular Malaysia. It is an untouched forest reserves. It has large mammals such as elephants, rhinoceroses, tapirs and tigers. Besides that there are many floras that are still unexplored and undisturbed by humans.

Visitors may hire guides to visit this forest. They will then help getting the necessary permits, river and road transportation as well as accommodation needed to stay in the forest which may include camping.

Many food choices can be found in Gerik. Among the many that stands out the most would be food that is cooked using bamboo. Some of them are rice cooked in bamboo, multiple fresh water fish that are cooked using bamboo as well. There are also coconut that is mixed with chilies to be eaten with the fish and rice.

Hulu Perak is a place that is very close to nature and is not disturbed by the modernization yet. It is a good place to relax and unwind. Food choices leans more towards the local side. Therefore it is best if visitors can keep an open mind to experience the food and environment that the place offers.


Belum Rainforest Resort

Belum Rainforest Resort is located in city Hulu Perak. This hotel is nearby Belum Rainforest Reserve which is 0.08 km, and Zoo Taiping & Night Safari which is 100.61 km away. This hotel is surrounded with greenery which is suitable for comfort and relaxation.

Banding Lakeside Inn

This hotel is one of the accommodations to be considered when visiting Hulu Perak. This hotel is very strategically located near public facilities which will make it easier for tourists to find the hotel. Banding Lakeside Inn can provide local cuisine at their restaurant to those who stays there.

Belum Adventure Camp

Belum Adventure Camp is actually a villa located in Hulu Perak. It is not exactly located near the city of Hulu Perak however it is still close to Belum Rainforest Reserve within 1.28 km and Zoo Taiping & Night Safari which is around 99.8 km away. This place is suitable to those who would like to get closer to nature. Plus it is also very affordable.

Facts about hotel in Hulu Perak

Total Accommodation
3 Properties
Popular Area
Gerik, Lenggong
Popular Hotel
Belum Rainforest Resort, Homestay Gerik Banding
Popular Landmark
Belum Rainforest Reserve, Chinese Cemetery

Frequently asked questions

What are the best areas to visit near Hulu Perak?
If you are in Hulu Perak, you can also visit Lenggong, Gerik
Where are the best cities to visit in Hulu Perak?
What are the best hotels and accomodation near Hulu Perak?
The most popular hotels booked by tourists are Homestay Gerik Banding, Belum Rainforest Resort, OYO 89845 Hotel Sri Bintang
How many hotels are listed in Hulu Perak?
Currently, there are around 3 hotels that you can book in Hulu Perak
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