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Hotels near Mulu Airport (MZV)

Sarawak, Malaysia · 99 hotels available

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Popular hotels near Mulu Airport (MZV)

null Benarat Lodge

Benarat Lodge

Sungai Melinau,, Mulu, Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia, 98008

EXTERIOR_BUILDING Mulu Marriott Resort & Spa

Mulu Marriott Resort & Spa

Sungai Melinau, PO Box 1145, Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia, 98008


Mulu Airport is an airport in the state of Sarawak in Malaysia and gateway to the Gunung Mulu National Park. There are resort accommodations at the National Park, but the nearest villages are Long Terawan, downstream 21.7 km to the west and Long Atip 26.1 km to the south. Rumah Bawang Grang in Brunei is only 23.1 km to the north-northwest, but there is no road connected to the airport.

Mulu STOLport is under the supervision of Miri Airport and serves the rural area of Mulu. STOL is a short form for short take-off and landing. The airport is located 2.4 km from the Mulu town. The airport has a 1,500 meter long runway and operates from dawn to 4pm daily.

It serves Malaysia Airlines and MAS Wings. The small airport has basic facilities, including a VIP lounge, retail and F&B outlet.

How To Get There

Malaysia Airlines via MAS Wings operates three daily flights from Miri into Mulu Airport, which takes approximately a 30-minutes flight time. Other MAS Wings option are flights from Kuching or from Kota Kinabalu scheduled every Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Tourist Attractions

The Mulu Airport is the main gateway to the Gunung Mulu National Park.

Among many National Park in Sarawak, the largest one is the Gunung Mulu National Park. Gunung Mulu is the second highest mountain in Sarawak.

Caving activities are normally done in the dry season from March to October. June until September are usually busier than other times of the year.

Gunung Mulu National Park is home to one of the largest networks of caves in the world open to public. It is famous for its limestone belong to the Melinau Formation and their age is between 17 and 40 million years ago.

There are two different categories of caves. Caves that can be explored by novices and does not need any equipment are Deer Cave, Clear Water Cave, Langang Cave, Pinnacle Cave and Drunken Forest Cave.

Another sets of caves are tricky to explore and will need climbing equipment. These includes the Stone Horse-Fern Rock System, Simon Cave, Green Cave, Wind Cave, Snake Track, Sarawak Chamber, Cobra Cave, Cobweb Cave, Benarat Cavern and Black Rock Cave.

The world’s largest underground chamber, the Sarawak Chamber, is capable of accommodating forty Boeing 747 airplanes without overlapping their wings.

Visitors also may find one of the world’s biggest cave passage, Deer Cave, which can fit five cathedrals the size of St Paul in London. It is also home to nearly three million bats belonging to 27 species. Every day in between 4pm to 6pm, millions of bats exit this cave like swarming bees. Apart from bats watching, visitors also may spot nearly 8 species of hornbills.

Another key attraction is Clear Water Cave, the longest cave in Southeast Asia. It was recorded that more than 200 km of passages have been surveyed so far. Clear Water Cave tours usually include a stop at a riverside village called Batu Bungan, a Penan ethnic group settlement area.

Returning from any caving activities surely invites visitors to have a stop at the Good Luck Cave-Fe. This café serves noodle and fried rice dishes and it is located right outside the Gunung Mulu National Park gates.

Gunung Mulu National Park also offers typical nature wildlife watching by a 2 hours trip along a 480 metre canopy walkway.


Royal Mulu Resort

Royal Mulu Resort has a very good location, situated 1.97 km from the Mulu Airport. It offers splendid service together with wide range of facilities provided.

Mulu Marriott Resort

This hotel is a perfect choice for people seeking a luxurious treat for holiday. Get the most excellent services and make your stay a memorable experience. Mulu Marriott Resort is situated around 2.04 km from the Mulu Airport.

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