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Cherating is one of the most-well known towns in Malaysia for its stretch of beautiful beach. It is located in the state of Pahang, just about forty-five minutes of driving to the north from Kuantan, the capital city of Pahang. Cherating has been popular for a long time especially for its white-sandy beach and apart from that, this small town also offers some local traditional textiles and handicrafts. There is a turtle sanctuary along the Cherating beach and these turtles usually come up to shore in July and August to lay their eggs.

How to Get There

By Car

Driving is the easiest way to to to Cherating. It is a three-hour drive from Kuala Lumpur via the East Coast Highway (Lebuhraya Pantai Timur), and take an exit towards Kemaman, which will take another fifteen minutes or so to reach Cherating.

By Plane

There is a small international airport in Kuantan, the Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Airport and it receives flights from Kuala Lumpur daily. The trip from the airport to Cherating will take somewhere around forty-five minutes by driving.

By Taxi

Taxi services are available upon request from the airport or the bus station in Kuantan and the charge will be around RM80 to RM100 per trip.

Tourist Attractions

Cherating Beach

As this town is popular with its sandy white beach, of course its biggest attraction will be about beach. The beach is stretched out along the coast of Cherating and most part of it, is accessible to public. Tourists and locals both enjoy lots of activities at the beach such as a quick swim, playing with the warm sand, building sandcastles or just take a long lazy stroll in the evening whilst enjoying the sunset. There are some small stalls selling snacks and coconut drinks along the coastal areas too. In some part of the stretch, there are locals that sell handicrafts and kites for people to enjoy. Many things can be done to enjoy the beautiful beach of Cherating but do keep in mind to keep being decent and being nudes are not allowed.

Cherating Turtle Sanctuary

Cherating Turtle Sanctuary is located just four minutes away from the small town of Cherating, and also just beside Asia’s first Club Med. The sanctuary was established in the year of 1972, first as a hatchery center. It was an effort to protect the turtles, especially the endangered species at that time, the Leatherback Turtle. The centre now helps to ensure the survival of the turtles that came to the shore to lay their eggs during the months of April to August. They work to protect the turtles from poachers that come to steal the eggs for consumption and selling, and also abusing the animals. Here at the sanctuary, visitor will get a chance to observe when the turtles come ashore and lay their eggs during the season. There is also an education centre where they educate the public about turtles and reasons to protect this endangered species of animal. There are four types of turtles from the total number of seven species, which come ashore the Cherating Beach to lay their eggs.


Samsuria Beach Resort & Residence

Located just 13 minutes before Cherating, this is one of the luxury accommodations that are available in this small town. Its biggest selling point is the value for money, with starting price of RM220 per night for a one bedroom apartment. There are eight types of room available, from a single bedroom apartment to a penthouse that can fit the whole family of six very comfortably. The resort also provides free Wi-Fi in all of its rooms and apartments. The resort is also well known for its strategic location, very closed to the beach, and hospitalities it provides.