Hotels near Desa Cattle Dairy Farm

Kinabalu National Park, Malaysia · 16 hotels available

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Popular hotels near Desa Cattle Dairy Farm

Suang Noh Kundasang Homestay

Suang Noh Homestay Kundasang, Jalan Kundasang Kauluan, Kampong CInta Mata, Kinabalu National Park, Malaysia, 89308

Mesilau Nature Resort

Mesilau Kundansang, Mt. Kinabalu, Kinabalu National Park, Malaysia

Kinabalu Pine Resorts

Kampung Kundasang, (Along Kundasang Ranau Highway), Kinabalu National Park, Malaysia

8.8 / 10

Very Good

Nabalu Kundasang Lodge

Kg. Desa Aman, Kundasang, Kinabalu National Park, Malaysia, 89300

8.7 / 10

Very Good

Crystal Hill R

Kg. Kundasang, Kinabalu National Park, Malaysia, 89308

7.9 / 10


Mount Kinabalu Heritage Resort & Spa

W.D.T. 11, Ranau, Kinabalu National Park, Malaysia, 89309

Ceaser's Place

Kundasang, Kinabalu National Park, Malaysia

7.8 / 10


Mile 36 Lodge

Kg Kalanggaan, Mile 36, Kundasang, Kinabalu National Park, Malaysia, 89300

8.0 / 10

Very Good

D'Villa Rina Ria Lodge

KM 53, Jalan Tinompok, Off Kinabalu Park, Kinabalu National Park, Malaysia

8.1 / 10

Very Good

Kinabalu Park

Kinabalu National Park, Mt. Kinabalu, Kinabalu National Park, Malaysia

Laban Rata Resthouse - Hostel

Laban Rata, Mount Kinabalu, Kinabalu National Park, Malaysia

Celyn Resort Kinabalu

Kampung Samuruh, Jalan Samuruh Kinoundusan,Kundasang, Kinabalu National Park, Malaysia, 89309

8.5 / 10

Very Good

J Residence

Kg. Tinompok, Mile 35, Kinabalu NP, Nabalu, Kundasang, Kinabalu National Park, Malaysia, 89300

8.3 / 10

Very Good

Kinabalu Mountain Lodge

Kinabalu Mountain Lodge, Kinabalu National Park, Malaysia, 89300

7.0 / 10


Ayana Holiday Resort

Kg. Kalanggaan, Mile 35, Tinompok National Park, Kinabalu National Park, Malaysia, 89300

8.2 / 10

Very Good

Kinabalu Private Lodges

AH 150, Kundasang, Bundu Tuhan, Kundasang, Kinabalu National Park, Malaysia, 89300

8.6 / 10

Very Good


An ideal destination for the whole family, the 199 hectars farms offers one of the most beautiful scenery one could envision, with the majestic Mount Kinabalu overlooking breathtaking green pastures, the scenery is captivating, not forgetting the cool breeze that Kundasang has to offer. Located at the foothill of Mount Kinabalu, Desa Dairy Farm, produces nearly one million liters of fresh milk annually. Most of the milking cows are the highest milk producers of all cattle breeds, the Friesians. Visitor also gets to try their popular dairy products like Desa Cattle’s milk in a box as well as their ice cream. To get here from Kota Kinabalu, opt for a taxi or a bus or even rent a car. The journey will take you about 2 hours (100 km).

Additional Information

Opening Hours

  • Open daily, 8am - 5pm.

Admission Fee


  • Adult : RM5.00
  • Children : RM4.00

Contact Information

Dr.Marcel Gisain,
P.O.Box 71, 89308 Kundasang,
Ranau, Sabah.
+60 88-889 562
+60 88-889 530

Tourist Attractions

Mount Kinabalu

Being the highest mountain in Southeast Asia and is one of the most popular ‘bucket list’ destinations in the world, Mount Kinabalu is well-known worldwide for its tremendous botanical and biological species biodiversity with plants of Himalayan, Australasian, and Indomalayan origin. For a sport junkie, no visit to Sabah is complete without a trekking expedition to the summit of Mount Kinabalu. Be sure to conquer the mountain and give yourself a hard-earned pat on the back!

Sipadan Island

Located in the Celebes Sea off the east coast of Sabah, Sipadan is one of the richest marine habitats in the world, with more than 3,000 species of fish and hundreds of coral species have been classified in this ecosystem. Visitors can be fascinated by a large variety of soft corals, sea turtles, lobsters, barracudas, beautiful coral fishes and many more. No matter if you would like to snorkel or dive, either one will give a great underwater adventure in the crystal clear waters.

Tabin Wildlife Reserve

It is a home to a large number of animals in the forest, having some that are highly endangered. Three of the largest mammals in Sabah, mainly Borneo Pygmy Elephant, Sumatran Rhinoceros and Tembadau (Borneo Wild Cattle), 8 primates’ species, 3 species of cats that are in the protected wildlife list, alone with 42 families representing 220 species of birds can also be found in this reserve. This park is an ideal place for those who yearn to experience the best of the unique local nature.

Be sure to visit the Tamu Markets where local traders gather to sell their crops and produce. Tamu days mean an opportunity to meet up and observe the goings-on between the different cultures.

Travellers (from foreign country) intending to drive in Sabah should learn some of the words and phrases commonly encountered on the roads as the most commonly spoken language in Bahasa Malaysia (BM). All road signs and governmental or administrative affairs are generally conducted in BM.

While it is a norm for the foreign tourist, Malaysians from Peninsular Malaysia and neighbouring Sarawak are subjected to some level of immigration control such as showing their identity cards and are restricted to a stay of 90 days at a time.