Luxury Hotels in Mukim Kedawang, Langkawi

Bon Ton Resort

Mukim Kedawang


Mukim Kedawang is the fifth largest mukim of six mukim which is located in the district of Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia with an area of 50.97 sq km. The location of this mukim is located in the southwest of Langkawi Island. Mukim Kedawang has a distinctive tourist attraction amongst the beauty of rice paddies with its adorned mountain range and its beauty and beaches such as Pantai Cenang and Pantai Tengah. Pantai Cenang is one of the most famous beaches in the world and is often the site of various programs including the National Water Festival, the National Open Beach Football and many more. At Pantai Cenang there is also a row of hotels, resorts and shops that are a source of livelihood for the residents around this area. In short, the tourist attractions here are the Gulf Coast, Central Coast, Pantai Cenang, Underwater World, Rice Pages and Morac International Go-Kart.

How to Get There

By Plane

If you are traveling by air, nearest airport is the Langkawi International Airport (IATA: LGK, ICAO: WMKL), which is an airport in Padang Matsirat, Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia. The airport it self is in Kedawang.

By Car

Choice of public transportation is limited in Langkawi. However you can find taxi easily at Langkawi International Airport and few tourist spots. In addition, Uber and Grab are now available in Langkawi. The best way to tour around Kedawang is by rented car or motorcycle or simply by getting on a taxi.

Tourist Attractions

Laman Padi

Laman means field and Padi stands for rice in Malay. So Laman Padi essentially means rice field. This vast open complex comprises of number of rice fields, herb gardens and galleries or museums where the process and evolution of rice cultivation & harvesting in Langkawi is exhibited. So if you like agro tourism, lush greenery and want to spend some time with the nature and at the same time understand about how rice is cultivated which is the primary product of export for Malaysia, then this will be a great place to visit and spend couple of hours or even more. Laman Padi is located in Pantai Cenang and opposite to Meritus Pelangi. It was established in June 1999. From the beach area, it's an easy walking distance. Once you enter through the gate, you will see signs to different sections of the complex including a Heritage Gallery, a Paddy Gallery and so on. But before you start visiting the various sections, ensure that you get hold of a guide. It is free. Although the places looks virtually empty without any soul, there are actually very knowledgeable and friendly guides available in the complex who will take you around and explain almost everything about the place. Unless you get a guide, you will probably wander about aimlessly and come out without having appreciating the offerings of this place. There is car park inside. There are also toilet facilities here. Laman Padi has two nice restaurants surrounded by lush greenery. One is Laman Ria, a restaurant run by a Japanese couple serving excellent Japanese, Malay, Chinese and Thai food, and the other is Jimmy's Cafe serving nice Asian cuisine including tandoor (made in earthen oven) items. There is also a Spa inside which uses the fresh ingredients from the herbal garden and offers different types of massages and treatments.


Bon Ton Resort

Atmospheric, laid back and unique, Bon Ton is a careful blend of conservation principles and design savvy. It's a far cry from the surrounding generic resort hotels, and what Bon Ton lacks in facilities, it more than makes up for in atmosphere. Even so, there's an attractive swimming pool, a west-facing cocktail deck, a wonderful restaurant serving Asian fusion cuisine and a lounge-bar set in a heritage Chinese shophouse. All in all, it's a wonderfully romantic hideaway.